Exciting tours
on Pitbikes and Enduro
in Lviv
For beginners and with experience
New equipment and gear
Skiing takes place in Vynnykivsky forestry, you do not need to go far outside the city
3 hour tour
You will find an exciting route, long serpentines, forest trails
Every day
We conduct tours every day, without weekends. Departures at 10, 14 and 18:00
Fast learning
80% of our customers without the skill of driving a motorcycle, in 20-30 minutes learn the technique.
Photos of clients from our locations
On the route we make stops for photos and videos
What are we going to ride?
All motorcycles are carefully prepared and inspected before the start of the tour. There are 13 motorcycles.
More products
More products
What equipment?
Your safety comes first, so with the motorcycle you get the following set of equipment:




Knee pads and elbows


2-hour tour
The tour is suitable for beginners, girls, children from 10 years, and for those who have already skated.
50 euro
  • What is included in the tour:
  • Pitbike / enduro
  • Briefing
  • Teaching
  • 70-90 minutes of active driving
  • Protective gear:
  • Moto-turtle
  • Helmet, helmet
  • Goggles
  • Moto gloves
  • Knee pads, elbows
  • Moto jersey
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Questions and answers
Do you need category A rights to drive a motorcycle?
Rights are not required, because the tour takes place in the woods on a special route.
From what age is it possible?
From 10 years, height from 140 cm with the written permission and support of one parent.
I don't have any driving experience, can I handle it?
Be sure to be able to ride a bike. 90% of our clients have not ridden a motorcycle before, but after 20-30 minutes of training they are already riding confidently, so you can handle it too))
How is the training?
After reading the Agreement, signing it and before leaving for the route, you must be familiar with safety and rules of conduct in the group.

Accompanying teach theories:
explain the technique of driving an enduro motorcycle on the ground - how to hold the legs, arms, body, transfer body weight, maintain balance ... etc.

Model the passage of sands and participants with different terrain.
Then, under the supervision or assistance of a companion, you make the first independent attempts on level ground. Confidence is gained in 10 minutes, we follow the chosen route.
What to take with you on arrival?
Pants and shoes with firm soles are required for arrival, you need to take changeable clothes, depending on the weather - maybe shoes as well.
What is included in the fare and what is not?
The variety includes: drinks and delicacies, equipment (knees, elbows, vest, gloves and helmet), training, arrival.
Race booking

Only 10 euro is required for booking. You pay the remaining amount before the ride.
Arrival day (optional)
Arrival time
Якщо ще не визначились, можете пропустити
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